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Ghost Rider== Ghost Rider is an anti-hero created by Marvel .


He has black clothes , and instead of a normal head , he has an skull on fire , its fire change of color depending on his feelings , he rides an motorcycle with an demon skull in front of it.


  • An chain
  • Shot -gun (sometimes)


  • Fire: He can control the fire as he is made of it.
  • Penitent Look: He can say "LOOK AT MY EYES!" when he is in front of an criminal , then the victim has an flashback of all the pain he did , and dies , with the eyes burned.
  • Vengance of the Inocents: The criminal dies , feeling all the pain he did.


Johny Blaze make an contract with the Devil , that contract stated that he would be the Ghost Rider when he was older ( becouse when Johny did the contract he was 17) , then he first transformed and saved the life of an woman who was beeing robbered by an criminal.


They have maked games of this hero , so far only 1 based in the movie "Ghost Rider" directed by Mark Steven Johnson.

  • Ghost Rider : The Game.


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