MP40(Machine Pistol)Edit

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The MP40

The MP40 is an German submachine gun that can hold 32 bullets per mag. its was the best choice for the German in the WWII and in fact it was better than the Thompson or Tommy gun , it was slow but its just a deffect , its fire rate its very awesome , with 2 or 3 bullets it will cut you an arm......


  • Its was the best choice in the Nazi Germany.
  • It is very slow
  • Its name comes from Machine Pistol 40 (MP40)
  • Its rate of fire was tremendly compared to the Thompson and Sten.
  • The MP40 bullets can kill woith 2 shots.
  • Its Iron sights are very useful at the time to fight.
  • According to the CoD:WaW users , the most used gun is the MP40.
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