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Perk-a-Colas are special perks in the games Call of Duty:World at War and Call of Duty:Black Ops , this make the player gain abilities , to survive the zombies , here is a list of all of them:

World at War Edit

Quick Revive:Revives the teammates more faster in a total of 1.5 seconds instead in a one of 3 seconds or in Solo gives you two M1911 that shoot Grenades until it revives you.You can only get it 3 times (Tastes like raw fish )

Jugger-Nog:(Juggernaut):Makes you more stronger, makes you be capable of recieving 6 hits of an zombie and not being incapitated, without it you can stand only 2 hits. (Tastes like Egg Nog)

Double Tap Root Beer: It makes you fire faster, it's not the best election if the players want to save ammo.(Tastes like root beer only that it is very chewy by the fact the roots are not procesed well)

Speed Cola: Reload gun faster. (Tastes like cola just that with something else that gives it a rushing flavor to it)

Black Ops(DLC only)Edit

Stamin-Up: Makes you sprint faster, even if you have a heavy gun such as RPK or HK21. (Tastes like lemonade with a twist of gasoline)

PhD Flopper: You will not have fall damage, explosive damage, or splash damage also if you dive to prone you will explode. (Tastes like prune juice).

Deadshot Daiquiri: You will have auto-headshots. (Tastes like cherry-strawberry daiquiri)

Mule Kick: Lets you hold 3 guns. (Tastes like cheap mexican beer)


  • The Quick Revive in black ops (solo) can revive the player 3 times.
  • The Quick Revive, according to the characters (Except Takeo Masaki)has the worst flavor of all.
  • It was an rumor that the Mule Kick can give a Juggernog an extra hit, the fact that dying after being hit 7 times is not possible.
  • The Speed Cola vending machine says "Speed Cola" and the bottle says "Sleight of Hand".
  • The Double Tap Root Beer is chewy according to Tank Dempsey.
  • The Deadshot Daiquiri according to all the charecters is the one who has the best flavor.
  • All the perks have jingles.
  • All the perks vending machines have blood splattered on the machine.
  • The jingle for Juggernog is the only jingle that is entirely sung by a female.


All Perk-A-Cola Jingles and Pack-A-Punch New with Mule Kick In 1080p

All Perk-A-Cola Jingles and Pack-A-Punch New with Mule Kick In 1080p

The perk Jingles(Very awesome)


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