Squidward's Suicide is supposed to be an episode or an lost episode. It is in the terms of Creepypasta , and it tells the story of how Squidward is suiciding with an shot gun squidward was playing his clareanet when he was ready he went to the Consert to Play..But Terrible Disasters struck! The Crowd was Boo-ing him as he played! Even Spongebob was! He Cracked his clareanet into pieces.And cryed all the way home...But then a scene comes up with squidward searching under his bed,he finds a shotgun,And..Oh dont watch this scene..he aims it at his mouth..and crys:"goodbye" and shots himself..then the screen goes black..soon we see squidward with bloodshoted eyes.crying tears of pure red blood roling Down his black shaded eyes....What Else Could Go wrong! Oh dear! I need to go! Bye!

Squidward is playing his musical instrument, then SpongeBob and Patrick are heard laughing, then Squidward gets mad at them, then they are heard crying. Just then Squidward goes to his recital, he sees all the people, and he is very nervous, then he starts playing, then everyone says BOOOOOO! as an signal that Squidward wasn't playing his instrument good. Then Squidward is crying in his house, then the scene has no sound, which makes it creepier, then we see an photo of Squidward with his eyes totally red, crying blood, and his eyes have an black shade. Then we see Squidward searching for something under the bed, then he takes out a shot gun, puts the gun on the mouth, then he pulls the trigger. The next scene Squidward's head is in half, the floor filled with blood, then, the famous ending circle comes and zooms out marking the end of the episode.

Proofs of this being a fakeEdit

  1. The photo of Squidward with the red eyes can be easily made in Photoshop.
  2. The scenes in this episode are taken from the episode "SB-129" and SpongeBob SquarePants: The Movie.
  3. The scene with Squidward aiming his mouth with the shotgun is an montage, which can also be made in Photoshop.

==Red Mist Red Mist is supposedly the things we didn't see in "Squidward's Suicide" and the continuation of the episode. It was created by an Scotch guy that now is in jail, however Red Mist is just a fake.....

How did this look real?Edit

Easy, the creator just put an great effort in Photoshop.......

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