830px-Mortal Kombat Deception Sub-Zero wallpaper

Sub-Zero as seen in Mortal Kombat Deception.

Sub-Zero== Sub-Zero is an ninja , part of the Lin-Kuei clan , Quan-Chi killed Scorpion's family , but he gives all the fault to Sub-Zero and that is why Scorpion wants revenge against him.They are 2 sub-zero,s the original one (Noob Saibot) and his brother Sub-Zero , the brother of the original Sub-Zero wants revenge against Scorpion becouse he killed his brother.


He has ninja outfits , they are blue colored and has his clan emblem in his clothes , in every MK Sub-Zero changes his outfit. The most notable is in MK Deception where he looks like an samurai.

Abilities and powers.Edit

He has the power of controlling ice , starting from MKDA he has ice hands(excepting MKD AND MKA) , he has the abbilites of an normal ninja , he can make swords with his ice powers.


  • His real name is Kuai Liang.
  • Sub-Zero is the character with the most costumes in MK(2011).
  • His spine rip fatality is the most favorite in all the MK series.
  • He appeared 2 times in the t.v show Robot Chicken.
  • He,Scorpion and Reptile share the same Friendship in MK2 , thus being becouse they share the same sprites.
  • He was mentioned in 1 episode of the t.v series Malcolm In the Middle.
  • He has the most cameos in the TV.
  • He is the second best character of all MK series.


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