Hey guys, I was just looking at the page for the chat rules, and I think each reason needs a definite ban time. What do you guys think they all should be? Here's what I think:

I think if you be racist, you should be banned for a month, then 6 months, then a year, then for infinity.

If you troll someone, you will be warned. If you continue, banned for a day. If you continue a week. Then a month. Then 3 months, then 6 months. Then a year. And finally, for infinity.

Insulting someone I think should be the same as trolling.

I think a more reasonable punishment for banning people without reason would be to remove their chatmod/admin rights until they're more experienced. If they get more experienced, get their rights back and abuse them again, THEN they should be banned. Hey, I had my chatmod rights removed on the RS wiki before because I abused them. Shouldn't it be the same here?

For inappropriate things, I think 3 months would be reasonable. If you continue, a year. Then, for infinity.

Spamming should be the same as trolling and insulting.

What do you admins think?

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